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2014 Publishing Conference Class Details

We are excited to have so many professionals offering their time at our publishing conference. Check out the details of each breakout class. We are going to have a great time!

Please note that classes with an asterisk require that you bring, read, watch, or download something before the conference in order to make best use of the class. We are serious about our hands-on experience! For class times, please see the form below.

Book Creation

*Become an HTML Pro ASAP: Ebook Creation Through Word, HTML, and Calibre (hands-on class) by Stephanie Fowers
Students learn to convert a sample manuscript in Microsoft Word to epub and mobi by using HTML editing and Calibre. In order to attend this class, please email stephaniefowers (at) gmail (dot) com by June 1st with the subject HTML IAH Publishing Conference to receive class materials. You must bring a laptop with Microsoft Word (a version that can save to html), and download the following free software: Calibre, Kindle previewer, Adobe epub previewer, notepad ++ and 7-Zip.

Panel: What’s in a Cover? –  Rachael Anderson, Jacqueline Fowers, Amber Argyle, Abel Keogh, Rachel Ann Nunes
Important insights and into designing and creating covers. Will also include information on crowd sourcing covers and custom photo shoots.

*Undercover: Learn the Basics of book Cover Design by Jacqueline Fowers
A book cover is the first thing to catch your customer’s eye. In order to attract attention and be dangerous to the competition, learn cover design basics by marketing, research, typography, visual collateral, layout/hierarchy, printer specs.  In order to attend this class, your book genre, two line description, and the URL of a stock photo you want to use (from,,,, or similar site) to jacquefowers (at) yahoo (dot) com BY MAY 15th with the subject Undercover IAH Publishing Conference.

*It’s Not Karate! It’s Jutoh! Hands-on eBook Creation Using Jutoh by TJ and Rachel Ann Nunes
Class members will create a new file and learn special configurations, creating a template to use for future ebooks. Create multiple ebooks (mobi and retailer-specific epubs: iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Books, Smashwords, etc.) in a SINGLE FILE, including links for different retailers. Deal with spacing and formatting issues easily. Laptops in class required. BEFORE the conference attendees must download the free trial version of Jutoh and watch this video. Attendees will also receive a detailed tutorial written by leading Jutoh experts at You will also need the Kindle previewer and the Adobe epub previewer to view your finished files.

Paperback Typesetting for the Frugally Minded by Rachael Anderson
Can't afford to pay a small fortune for InDesign? No problem. Join this step-by-step, hands on class that will teach you how to make a plain-Jane Word document look like a professionally published book. Must have Word 1997 or later.

The Pacing and Production of Children’s Print Books by Fay Klingler (2 block class)
Not just your meat and potatoes, Fay is serving the full course from appetizer to dessert in this fast paced look at how to produce a professional, illustrated print book for children using a combination of Word, Photoshop, and InDesign.


A Royal's Guide to Managing the Kingdom: Creating and Leveraging Intellectual Properties by Rebecca Shelley
A vital course for writers to understand the monetary value of the works they produce and how to protect and use these assets to their greatest advantage. That's business speak for understanding copyright. If you understand it, you make money. If you don't, other people will make money off of you. You can be a ruler or a slave. Your choice if you understand. You risk selling yourself into slavery if you don't. This is important information every writer should know.

The 5 Best Ways to Market Your Books by Abel Keogh
Marketing is more than a post on social media. It's knowing how to find your audience and the best way to engage them. Learn the 5 best (and underutilized ways) to spread the word about your books that actually build an audience.

How to Hit a Bestseller List by Heather Moore
Learn the importance of a creating professional multi-book products and how to hit Top 100 categories by categorizing, using pricing strategies, and e-book marketing channels.

My Book is Ready for the WORLD . . . How Do I Get it There? by Cindy Hogan
A  class on ebook and print placement-the pros and cons to Amazon versus everything else.

Panel: A Plethora of Marketing Ideas. What Work and What Doesn’t – Andrea Pearson, Heather Moore, Cindy Hogan, Rachael Anderson
Learn what authors have done that brings success and more sales and avoid expensive promotions that go nowhere. Learning the difference now will save you time and money.

Business, Taxes, and Deductions—Oh, My! by Gwen Haggen
To deduct or not to deduct, that is the question.  Learn from the savvy accountant, Gwen Haggen, all about the ins and outs of smart accounting and how to go about starting your own company.  Illustrations provided by the IRSJ.

Write a Cover Copy in 10 Easy(ish) Steps by Amber Argyle
Come out of the class with the knowledge and skills to write a cover copy that will sell books!



I’m Sorry . . . Who Are You Again? Character Matters by Julie Wright
Your characters matter. They matter to the people populating your novel. They matter to the plot. They matter to your reader. They should matter to you. From physical descriptions to bad habits and deep motivations. Find out who your character really is. The success of your novel depends on it.

Edit ’Til Your Eyes Bleed: Playing with the Big (5) Boys by Lu Ann Staheli
Indie publishing, as well as traditional publishing, rely upon the editing process to not only bring readers to the book, but to entice them to return for more. Award-winning author/educator, LuAnn Staheli introduces class members to the editing stages necessary to present the best product possible to their future audience.

Take Me Away! Six Steps to Unforgettable Romance by Rachel Ann Nunes (aka Teyla Branton)
We've all read romantic scenes that stay in our minds forever. Learn how to create those moments for your own readers.

Plotting 101: Getting Your Characters Off the Couch by Tristi Pinkston
The first element in a novel is great characters, but now you need something great for those characters to do. What happens to them, how do they respond to it, and what curve balls are thrown in their way? Is it all realistic, or will your readers roll their eyes ... or worse, fall asleep from boredom? Learn how to create a plot that will keep your readers flipping pages, dying for more.

He Said, She Said: Dialogue Do’s and Don’ts by Tanya Parker Mills
A powerpoint presentation and discussion of the purposes of dialogue in fiction, as well as examples of strong and weak dialogue, highlighting the kinds of things writers should avoid. Volunteers will be asked to write and share a piece of dialogue (no more than half a page) from a prompt.

Viewpoint: Why It's Important and How to Not Mess It Up by Daniel Coleman
The rules of POV are as flexible as every other writing rule.  Be a professional by understanding them before you break them.

Panel: Avoid the Big Fs! Find and Fix Your Fatal Writing Flaws - Tristi Pinkston, Stephanie Fowers, Julie Wright, Rebecca Shelley, Rachel Ann Nunes
Learn how to spot both recurring flaws and the ones that ones plaguing your current manuscript. Don't let the fatal flaws kill your book before it gets a chance to fly.


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